Blind Peer Review Process


The Humanities and Technology Review (HTR) publishes articles and book reviews that explore the interactions between the humanities and technology. It is also a venue for the publication of articles derived from Humanities and Technology Association conference presentations. The articles should be directed to an interdisciplinary readership.


All manuscripts should follow the style and preparation presented in the The Chicago Manual of Style (sixteenth edition). Particular attention should be paid to the citing of references, both in the text and on the reference page. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. An abstract with key words is required.


All articles to be considered for review are to be submitted directly to the HTR editor, Darrell Arnold ( by email. Preferred formats are Microsoft Word or RTF. Prior to publication the author will return a signed agreement and signed copy of the article.

The HTR Editor will send the author an acknowledgement of the receipt of his or her article submission by email or USPS.

The HTR Editor is responsible for the review process. All decisions regarding publication of refereed articles rest with the HTR Editor and the Associate Editors.

The HTR Editor will contact authors regarding the outcome of the review process.


The Editorial Board consists of the Editor, Associate Editors, and Assessing Editors, all of whom may serve as referees. In addition to these members, outside referees may also be consulted.

The HTR Editor shall select at least two referees with expertise in the field, except for articles derived from HTA conference paper presentations, which will be evaluated by at least one Editorial Board member.

Each Assessing Editor is considereda formal referee and his or her comments and opinions, with those of other formal referees, will form the basis upon which the HTR Editor and Associate Editors will make their decision on publication.

The HTR Editor shall state that the formal referee is expected to return comments and opinions within a specified time, not longer than thirty days, or else the HTR Editor will forward the article to another referee. The HTR Editor shall supply referees with recommended review guidelines.

HTR policy requires that referees treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information not to be disclosed to others before publication. The HTR Editor shall ensure that reviewers are aware of this policy. All reviews will be blind, except that the author of HTA conference papers may be known to the referee. The HTR Editor assures that the anonymity of the referees is protected during this process.


Referees can recommend acceptance, acceptance with minor changes, acceptance with major (mandatory) changes, or rejection of the article. In all cases, authors will have the referees’ comments to work from and may contact the HTR Editor for clarification.